Albizia pruinosa
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Albizia pruinosa F. Muell.
English: stinkwood
pruinosus,-a,-um; from L. pruinosus (from pruina, hoar-frost), with a hoary bloom as though frosted-over
ID recognized genus:5863
recognized genus:Albizia Durazz.
ID species:36109
ID basionym:36109

protologue: J. Bot. 10: 9 (1872)

protologue (title page): Seemann, B.C., Britten, J., Journal of botany, British and foreign [B. Seemann], vol. 10 (1872)

    63039 Albizia pruinosa F. Muell.
    J.H. Maiden, Forest Fl. N.S.W., vol. 1: t. 38 (1902-1904) [M. Flockton]
    210506 Albizia pruinosa F. Muell.
    , t. 122 ()

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