Dysoxylum juglans (Hance) Pellegr.

Juglans; : the classical Latin name which is a contraction of Jovis (Jupiter) glans (an acorn); the acorn of Jupiter. The word is a translation of the Greek Dios balanos (from Dios, of Zeus = Jupiter; balanos,acorn); the acorn of Zeus, i.e. the walnut tree which was dedicated to Zeus. The ancient Greek used to throw walnuts in the crowd of guests when the bride entered the sleeping room for the first time; this in order that Zeus would make the mariage fertile. R: AMBG 65(1978)1071

Fl. Indo-Chine 1: 745 (1911)
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    Dysoxylum juglans (Hance) Pellegr. [as Epicharis juglans Hance]
    L. Pierre, Flore forestiere de la Cochinchine, vol. 4: t. 348, fig. B (1880-1907) [E. Delpy]

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