Erica lawsonia Andrews

Lawsonia; named after I. Lawson (?-1747), named after I. Lawson (b ?, Scotland; d 1747, Oosterhout, Holland), physician, pupil of Boerhaave (q.v. Boerhaavia L.) who served as physician general to the British Army in Flanders, and stayed in Leyden at the same time as Linnaeus, with who he was on friendly terms and helped to pay for the publication of his Systema Naturae (1735).

Col. Engr. Heaths 4: 242 (1810)
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    Erica lawsonia Andrews
    Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, t. 1682-1695, vol. 41: t. 1720 (1815) [S.T. Edwards]
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    Erica lawsonia Andrews
    The botanical cabinet [C. Loddiges], vol. 5: t. 488 (1827) [unsigned]
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    Erica lawsonia Andrews
    Andrews, H.C., Coloured engravings of heaths, vol. 4: t. 242 (1810-1830) [H.C. Andrews]

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