Acalypha filiformis Poiret

filiformis,-is,-e; from L. filum, thread: thread-shaped

Encycl. 6: 205 (1804)
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    Acalypha filiformis Poiret [as Acalypha urophylla Baillon]
    A. Grandidier, Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar, Atlas, vol. 2: t. 189 (1899) [A.R. d’Apreval]
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    Acalypha filiformis Poiret [as Acalypha reticulata (Poiret) Muell. Arg.]
    J.C. Melliss, St. Helena: A Physical, Historical, and Topographical Description of the Island, vol. 4: t. 52 (1875) [A. Melliss]
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    Acalypha filiformis Poiret [as Acalypha rubra Roxb.]
    W.B. Hemsley, Report of the scientific results of the voyage of HMS Challenger, Botany, vol. 1, vol. 1(2): p. 81, t. 49 (1885) [M. Smith]

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