Oenocarpus minor Mart.

minor; from L. minor, comp. of parvus, small; smaller: smaller than other species of the genus, rather small

Hist. Nat. Palm. 2: 25 (1823)
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    Oenocarpus minor Mart.
    C. Martius, A.G. Eichler, I. Urban, Flora Brasiliensis, vol. 3(2): fasicle 86, t. 108 (1882) [J. Bartling & C.G.O. Drude]
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    Oenocarpus minor Mart.
    C.F.P. von Martius, Historia Naturalis Palmarum, vol. 2: t. 27 (1839)
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    Oenocarpus minor Mart.
    J. Barbosa Rodrigues, Sertum palmarum brasiliensium, vol. 1: t. 1 (1903) [J. Barbosa Rodrigues]

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