Oxalis laciniata Cav.

laciniatus,-a,-um; from L. lacinia (from L. lacer, torn), flap of a garment: with many flaps, slashed, fringed, laciniate

Icon. 5: 7 (1799)
     no thumbnail available (9)plantillustrations.org 183041
    Oxalis laciniata Cav.
    H.G.A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich, Oxalidaceae, vol. 130: [Heft 95], p. 239, fig. 18 F-H (1930)
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    Oxalis laciniata Cav.
    A.J. Cavanilles, Icones et descriptiones plantarum, vol. 5: t. 412 (1799) [A.J. Cavanilles]

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