Philodendron devansayeanum
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Philodendron devansayeanum L.Linden
; from L. granatus (from granum, grain, pit), full of grains, full of pits: full of seeds. Punica granatum L. was formerly called malum granatum. i.e. an apple full of pits
ID recognized genus:9377
recognized genus:Philodendron Schott
ID species:778479
ID basionym:778479

protologue: Ill. Hort. 42: 376 (1895)

protologue (title page): L’ Illustration horticole, vol. 42 (1895)

    114163 Philodendron devansayeanum L.Linden
    Ill. Hort., vol. 42: t. 48 (1854)

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