Philodendron tenue
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Philodendron tenue K. Koch & Augustin
tenuis,-is,-e; from L. tenuis, thin, fine, slender
ID recognized genus:9377
recognized genus:Philodendron Schott
ID species:779047
ID basionym:779047

heterotypic synonyms:
Philodendron ecuadorense Engl.; Philodendron gracile Schott; Philodendron sodiroanum Engl.;

protologue: Index Seminum (B) 1854(App.): 7 (1855)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    180389 Philodendron tenue K. Koch & Augustin [Philodendron sodiroanum Engl.]
    H.G.A. Engler, Pflanzenr., vol. 23: [Heft 60], p. 70, fig. 24 K-S (1928)

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