Rubus brasiliensis
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Rubus brasiliensis Mart. [Accepted]
ID recognized genus:7112
recognized genus:Rubus L.
ID species:889705
ID basionym:889705
ID publication:6915
ID volume:0

protologue: Ausw. Merkw. Pfl. 173: 173 (1829)

protologue (title page): , vol.

 13499 Rubus brasiliensis Mart.
C.F.P. von Martius, A.G. Eichler, I. Urban, Fl. Bras., vol. 14(2): fasicle 42, (Rosaceae; Combretaceae, Crassulaceae, Droseraceae; Escallonieae, Cunoniaceae; Conneraceae, Ampelideae; Tropaeolaceae, Portulacaceae, Ficoidaceae, Elatinaceae; Phytolaccaceae, Nyctagineae): t. 21 (1867)

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