Scleria bracteata Cav.

bracteatus,-a,-um; from L. bractea, bract: with (clear) bracts

Icon. 5: 34 (1799)
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    Scleria bracteata Cav. [as Macrolomia bracteata (Cav.) Schrader ex Nees]
    C. Martius, A.G. Eichler, I. Urban, Flora Brasiliensis, vol. 2(1): fasicle 3, p. 182, t. 24 (1842) [A. Putterlick]
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    Scleria bracteata Cav.
    J.C. Mutis, Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the new Kingdom of Granada, t. 191 (1783-1816)
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    Scleria bracteata Cav.
    A.J. Cavanilles, Icones et descriptiones plantarum, vol. 5: t. 457 (1799) [A.J. Cavanilles]

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