Selliera radicans Cav.
radicans; from L. radicare (from radix (radicis), root), to root: rooting, with rooting stems or leaves

Anales Hist. Nat. 1: 41 (1799)
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    Selliera radicans Cav.
    Natural History Museum, London, The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations, The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations, ()
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    Selliera radicans Cav.
    Anales de historia natural, vol. 1: t. 5 (1799) [A.J. Cavanilles]
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    Selliera radicans Cav.
    A.J. Cavanilles, Icones et descriptiones plantarum, vol. 5: t. 474, fig. 2 (1799) [A.J. Cavanilles]
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    Selliera radicans Cav.
    Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, vol. 173 [ser. , vol. ]: t. 395A (1804-1948)
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    Selliera radicans Cav.
    Bulletin des sciences, par la Société philomathique de Paris, vol. 2: , fig. 1 (1799-1801)

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