Alfredia cernua (L.) Cass.

cernuus,-a,-um; from L. cernuus, drooping, facing downwards, nodding

: 175 (1815)
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    Alfredia cernua (L.) Cass.
    A.J. Kerner von Marilaun, A. Hansen, Pflanzenleben: Erster Band: Der Bau und die Eigenschaften der Pflanzen, vol. 1: p. 82, fig. 1 (1887-1891)
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    Alfredia cernua (L.) Cass.
    J.G. Gmelin, Flora sibirica, vol. 2: t. 19 (1749)
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    Alfredia cernua (L.) Cass. [as Cnicus cernuus L.]
    P. Miller, Figures of the most beautiful, useful and uncommon plants, described in the gardeners’ dictionary , vol. 2: t. 248 (1755-1760)
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    Alfredia cernua (L.) Cass.
    H.G.L. Reichenbach, Iconographia botanica seu plantae criticae, t. 448, fig. 640 (1823-1832) [H. Humitzsch]

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