Paeonia anomala
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Paeonia anomala L.
anomalus,-a,-um; from Gr. anomalos, (from an -, privative; homalos, smooth) rough, uneven, by extension deviating from the the regular rule, i.e. irregular or unequal: unlike its allies, anomalous
ID recognized genus:6269
recognized genus:Paeonia L.
ID species:737676
ID basionym:737676

heterotypic synonyms:
Paeonia altaica K.M.Dai & T.H.Ying; Paeonia quinquecapsularis Pallas; Paeonia sibirica Pallas; Paeonia sinjiangensis K.Y.Pan;

protologue: Mant. Pl. 2: 247 (1771)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    111875 Paeonia anomala L.
    H.C. Andrews, Bot. Repos., vol. 8: t. 514 (1797-1798) [H.C. Andrews]
    307224 Paeonia anomala L.
    J.S. Kerner, Hort. Semperv., vol. 44: t. 524 (1818) [J.S. Kerner]
    8782 Paeonia anomala L.
    W. Curtis, Bot. Mag.vol. 42 (t. 1696-1770): (t. 1696-1770): t. 1754 (1801) [n.a.]
    402799 Paeonia anomala L.
    V.L. Komarov (Komorov), Fl. URSS, vol. 7: p. 31, t. 3, fig. 2 ()
    274295 Paeonia anomala L.
    Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard., vol. 91: p. 92, fig. 2A,B (1914) [unsigned]
    213955 Paeonia anomala L.
    J.G. Gmelin, Fl. Sibir., vol. 4: t. 72 (1747)
    307418 Paeonia anomala L.
    J.S. Kerner, Hort. Semperv., vol. 60: t. 718 (1825) [J.S. Kerner]
    171035 Paeonia anomala L. [Paeonia sibirica Pallas]
    P.S. Pallas, Fl. Ross., vol. 1(2): p. 93, t. 85 (1784-1788) [K.F. Knappe]

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